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December 5, 2017

posted Dec 5, 2017, 7:32 AM by James Falletti

Log in to with the credentials that I gave you in class and practice. Here's how you're going to get graded each week. 
  • Play Four (4) to Seven (7) Days with 10 Battles to get an "O"
  • Play Three (3) days minimum with 10 Battles to get an "S"
  • Anything less than three (3) days and less than 10 Battles will result in a lower grade
  • Not logging in and practicing will result in a Zero (0)

Bonus Points for anyone who practices Five (5) Days with 10 Battles over the Christmas Break

Also - students need to bring in a one (1) subject notebook to class every week.
  • write your username and password for both your email, prodigy, and any other school program that you use.
  • use the pages as a doodle notebook where you can
    • write out the problems from prodigy as scrap paper
    • design and create ideas for the makerspace
    • brainstrom